Alberta Youth Parliament, University of Alberta Chapter

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You could be a part of all this, too! Check out the information here and on the rest of the website, and reach out to us to get involved. We’d love to hear from you!

Our primary event of the year is the Winter Session, an annual 3-day conference-like leadership event where University of Alberta students convene in the Alberta Legislative Building from February 9th to February 11th to debate and learn about the Government of Alberta. You can learn more about the Winter Session on our Conference page, under Events.

Beyond the Winter Session activities, there are other options to getting/staying involved!

After Session ends, the AYP hosts various youth events across the province throughout the year. Our Front Four (Parliament Leaders), Cabinet Ministers (Executives), and Student Representatives continue to create initiatives and projects to empower youth year-long. If you are new to the Parliament (a Student Representative), you have three options following the end of the Winter Session for the upcoming year:

Remain a Student Representative

As a Student Representative, you will continue to work with the Parliament as an ambassador for University of Alberta students. By working closely with the parliament, you will have the opportunity to propose youth events you think we should host. Additionally, you will be invited to all of the in-person or online events that the parliament hosts throughout the year. This is a flexible position that requires a limited time commitment and lasts for the year. At the end of the year, Student Representatives will be invited to participate in the Annual Winter Session the following year.

Apply for a Cabinet Position

Exit the Parliament

If you choose to exit the Parliament, you will not be invited to our regular Cabinet meetings, however you are still welcome to attend all programs and events hosted by the Parliament. Additionally, if you decide to exit the Parliament, you are welcome to still attend Sessions in the future and become a Student Representative or Cabinet Minister in the future.